Introduction Isfahan Biology House


Isfahan Biology House (IBH), is a non-government organization (NGO), was stablished in 2013 with Isfahan municipality support. Our main goal is promotion of knowledge (different branches of biology) in daily life of citizens. We are very pleased to share our experiences with other countries.


Who can use of our services?

Every one interested in biology can use of our services, regardless of their education level and background. If you are a person with college education in other fields of science we can also help you to learn more about biology. We have provided different programs for kids and their parents. Therefore, a family may spend their time in a funny scientific environment.


Committee board

Board committee is comprise of members from university professors, the best experienced teachers and experts in different branches of biology. The select one of them plays as the head of IBH and other one as deputy manager


The headlines of IBH plans

  • courses and workshops for the whole family
  •  holding scientific field trips for families
  • specialized scientific meetings
  •  answers to scientific questions of citizens
  • communication with schools and training centers
  • communication with international scientific centers in the field of biology


Some programs and workshops have been held

  • Workshop on identifying pigments (two courses) for kindergarten kids
  • Workshop on world under the microscope
  • scientific tour for families
  • attended the first symposium on the biology of sperm

Introductory workshop on amphibians and frogs  for students


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